3600 psi bank bottle rotted all
around Cyl. This was in use
when damage was found.
Walter Kidde 80cuft Sustained load
cracking. Cyl had 3000 psi in it 30
minutes before brought in for
Same cyl, crack goes almost to top
of threads
Cyl brought in for visual by
mistake, used for smuggling. held
50 psi when assembled
MAX 2216 PSI
disaster waiting to happen? >>>>
picture by Paul Blanchette
Over .90 material missing over a 1
inch area all around the
circumference of the Cyl
Emergency bail out cylinder 300ft MOD
that has seen better days
Cylinder corrosion damage caused by
fresh water over long period of time
2005 Aluminum cylinder with major
crack plus 4 additional cracks
Steel cylinder loaded with Silicone
paste all over inside.
Same cylinder showing silicone paste
globs on bottom
.120 deep pitting in crown of cylinder
Aluminum 40 with disintegrated Viton
o-ring and heavy corrosion
Alum 40 O-Ring gland showing extremely
heavy oxidation/corrosion
Pitting in excess of .120
Steel Cylinder all rusted inside
Same cylinder after our cleaning process
Steel PST Genesis 100. Hundreds of pits
all over the cylinder found after cleaning
out rust
What do you mean my cylinder is Rusty!